S A R A H   S U E   D E S I G N  focuses on being a sustainable fashion company because we believe there is no other way. The Fashion Industry is one of the most damaging industries in the world and we just want to find a better way. Sustainability is defined as the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level, but the way Fast Fashion is going these days, the industry cannot sustain itself forever. That is why we and so many others are believers in Slow Fashion. Taking things back to the roots and focusing on the art of fashion.

We prioritize Slow Fashion by making small batch collections and many one of a kind pieces. Myself, Sarah, with the help of my mama Kathleen, currently sew 90% of our pieces here in our studio in Winnipeg, Canada. We also have a few ladies here in Winnipeg that help with some of the sewing and have some of our active wear pieces sewn in Montreal Canada.


We produce high quality garments with exceptional finishing so that they last and are not contributing to the “disposable fashion” problem. Our designs are also modern, classic and timeless so that they are not trend driven and will be out of style and out of your closet in a season. 

We also celebrate a healthy sustainable body image by making clothing for all shapes and sizes and love making including flowy, drapey and One Size Fits All pieces. With some of our Oversized pieces, we sell the same item to an XS customer and to a XXL customer so that as women with fluctuating bodies, if your body changes your pieces will still fit and look fabulous on you.

We choose the best and softest fabrics with a focus on quality and sustainability. We work natural and eco-friendly fabrics like Linen, Lyocell, Modal, Bamboo, Cotton, Silk and Cashmere. For our small batch runs of collections, we buy new fabrics from Canadian suppliers and pick the best qualities they have. We also buy “Deadstock Fabrics” (left over fabric from bigger manufactures that is now waste) because we are little and can use up small rolls or bits of fabrics when larger companies can’t. 

Our Hand Dyeing started because we bought water damaged fabrics that still were exceptional quality but had some discolorations on them. We take small quantities of discolored fabrics and create new beautiful fabrics with our different Hand Dyeing techniques. We have also Hand Dyed some Dead Stock fabrics when the colour was the issue with why it wasn’t selling. We currently use dyes that are made in California but we are in the process of developing some of our own natural dyes (it’s a bit of a work in progress).

We have created a small Active Wear line that feature our leggings that have our Hand Dyed look to them. We photograph our Hand Dyed pieces and have the images printed on fabulous leggings in Montreal Canada. The fabric is made in Montreal in one of Canada’s last fabric mills. It is an Eco-Poly that is specially made with 70% less water, heat and electricity. The leggings are then printed using solvent free sublimation inks.

Modern upcycling is also something that we love to do. We find gorgeous cashmere, silk or linen sweaters or tops that have some damages on them and are destined for a landfill, and we save them! We find them while treasure hunting in vintage shops and take them back to the studio where we cut them up and make new modern pieces.

Something to watch for is our own Vintage Collection that is coming soon. With all the treasure hunting for pieces to upcycle, we sometimes find gorgeous vintage pieces that we have now a great collection of. 

As we strive to be a Sustainable Fashion Company, we realize that we are not perfect but we try every day and every opportunity to get better and better!