S A R A H   S U E   D E S I G N

Modern and minimalist styling in sustainable clothing for sizes XS-3X+

Exquisite fabric and exceptional finishing. Linen, Silk, Cotton, Bamboo and eco-friendly textiles are used in creating contemporary silhouettes that are timeless.

All made in Canada.

S A R A H   S U E   M A C L A C H L A N
Sarah Sue MacLachlan has had fashion running through her blood since the day she was born. Born a prairie country girl growing up in rural Manitoba, Canada, but always with big dreams of fashion.
Sarah started sewing at age 5, started industry training at 15, and at 18 worked at Nygård International’s head office in Winnipeg. After a couple years her travel itch set in and she moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver.
In Vancouver she completed her degree in Fashion Design and Technology at Kwantlen University. She helped form the fashion company Chloë Angus Design where she spent the next 10 years as a Business Partner and Director of Operations. She helped grow the company from the little studio in a home basement up to a mid-sized company that now sells across Canada and the USA.
After 10 years in Vancouver, her home back in Winnipeg and her family started calling her name. Sarah left her life and career in Vancouver and headed back to her roots in Winnipeg. She then had a year-long sabbatical where she spent her time touring the world with her backpack, volunteering and giving back to the community, teaching at MC College in the Fashion Department and spending time with her family. After having her heart and head full of new, exciting ideas she set to work creating SARAH SUE DESIGN.
K A T H L E E N   K I R K L A N D
Meet Kathleen, aka Kathy or Mama. That's right this is Sarah's Mama or world's best Assistant! Kathy works tirelessly away by Sarah's side as her right, and left, hand lady. She spends most of her days cutting, pinning, pressing and organizing away in the studio. Not only does she physically help Sarah with all parts of the business but she is Sarah's biggest support system and always tries to keep her smiling (if you check out their Instagram Stories you will often find her laughing away with Sarah in the Studio).
Kathleen is not only mom to Sarah but also to her 4 sons and is pretty darn proud to be a Nana to her first granddaughter! Her passions outside of work include spending time with her husband, Tom, as well as the rest of her big family. She is also known for her insanely gorgeous garden where she spends a lot her spare time (it's a work of art).
She is pretty humble and modest about the fact that she truly is an amazing artist. She has done a few paintings and projects but mostly everyone is just amazed by her skills to transform a doodle notebook by the phone into a masterpiece when she just quickly whips up a sketch. SARAH SUE DESIGN would not be possible without this amazing lady!