Sustainable Fabric Rolls
We choose the best and softest fabrics with a focus on quality and sustainability. We work natural and sustainable fabrics like Bamboo, Linen, Hemp, Organic Cotton, Silk, Modal and Lyocell/Tencel. For our small batch runs of collections, we buy new fabrics from Canadian suppliers and pick the best qualities they have. We also buy “Deadstock Fabrics” (left over fabric from bigger manufactures that is now waste) because we are little and can use up small rolls or bits of fabrics when larger companies can’t. 
We are always looking to add new innovative textiles to our collection so as the business expands so does our fabric range. Most of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means that they are without harmful substances such as in the dyes. Currently about 20% of our fabrics are Made in Canada and we are working hard to expand that. Our other fabrics are imported by Canadian companies that have picked amazing factories to work with in India, Korea, China and more. As much as we love working with fabrics from overseas, we would like to use more fabrics that are made in Canada, the Canadian fabric industry is very small but with more and more support we are confident it will grow!
We also work hard on "Zero-Waste" or as close as we can when it comes to our fabric. After producing our pieces, there is always leftover waste fabric. Instead of throwing it out to the landfills (as other non-sustainable companies do) we keep every scrap and find a use for it. We take the bigger scrap pieces and make different styles, like our Heidi Tank Top has a seam running down the back because we cut it from the leftover after cutting our Lizzy Tunics. We also then use the medium size scraps that we can't make garments out of for smaller projects....we made Neck warmers one year and this year we are making Beanies all to raise funds for the community, we do a one for one program and for everyone bought we donate back to a charity needing them.


As we strive to be a Sustainable Fashion Company, we realize that we are not perfect but we try every day and every opportunity to get better and better!




It is one of the world's oldest fabrics but has had controversy over time so it is just recently being developed to have better qualities for clothing. It is a natural fiber from the Cannabis plant that is very easy to grow with lower environmental impact than many other fibers. As a fabric it is extremely breathable, strong and long lasting. We love it for pieces like our Eva Long Jacket, Chelsea Pants and Josephine Jumpsuit.


Bamboo FabricB A M B O O

We love using our Bamboo Cotton blend fabric in most of our pieces as it is so soft and breathable. There are two different types of fabric processes that Bamboo can be made with, the linen like process and the rayon like process. Both use cellulose fibers from the Bamboo plant that have amazing properties like being one of the world's fastest generating plants and natural moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. The process that is made like rayon still isn't a perfect process since chemicals are used however over time it is getting better and better with striving towards a more closed circuit process like the lyocell process. We also use all OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means that they are without harmful substances such as in the dyes. Approximately 20% of our Bamboo Cotton fabric is with Organic Cotton and Made in Canada.


Cotton FabricC O T T O N

It is such a great versatile fabric that is so breathable and easy to wear. We love using all different versions of it from wovens and knits, blends with other great fibers and all on it's own. It is a natural fabric that is strong and long lasting when taken care of but it has a great end of life cycle since it is biodegradable. Despite it being such a popular and fabulous fabric, it does have some downside since although it is natural it usually used pesticides to grow. We are using Organic Cotton and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means that they are without harmful substances such as in the dyes. Approximately 20% of our Cotton fabric is with Organic Cotton and Made in Canada. We are also actively working on increasing that percentage.


Linen FabricL I N E N

We just love Linen! If you are also a Linen Lover you will know why. It is so breathable and just gets softer and softer as you wear and wash it. Plus is just has that look, that Linen look which is a style on in it self. It does wrinkle but we embrace those wrinkles or beautiful crinkles as we like to say. Linen is the world's oldest fabric and is made from flax plants. It is natural and is easy to grow and process giving it naturally a better environmental footprint than some other fabrics. We love it in the summer for it's breathability but wear it all year round because we just love the look of it. We try to use Linen a little bit every season!


Tencel FabricTENCEL

Made from Eucalyptus! Actual fiber name is Lyocell but most know it as it's trade name Tencel. It is a newer more sustainable fabric. A semi-synthetic that uses Eucalyptus and processes it down to make fabric. The amazing thing about Lyocell/Tencel is that it is made in a closed-circuit process without waste going back to the earth in the process. The Eucalyptus gives it such a soft and almost silky like feel with great breathable properties.


Ecovero FabricE C O V E R O 

We are always looking for new eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics so we were so happy to discover the Ecovero fabric! We are releasing a few new pieces using it this upcoming Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 Collections! It is made from wood chips and in a similar process to Tencel and Modal. It is also soft and breathable and we can't wait to start wearing it!



Modal FabricM O D A L

Made from Beechwood Trees in the similar process to Tencel. It is cellulous fiber based making it soft and breathable. The Modal we use is a knit fabric and is so soft that we think of it as almost a knit silk with the same drape and movement. We currently don't have much of it in our collection but we will definitely use more of it in upcoming collections.



Silk FabricS I L K 

It is one of the most luxurious fabrics and just feels like heaven on. It has a long history and is one of the oldest fabrics around. It is a natural fabric made from the silk cocoon from the silk worms. One of Sarah's fondest memories was visiting an old traditional silk factory in Thailand. They had most of the factory outside and used old loom techniques combines with new technology. We currently have a few very special Silk Sleeveless Tops in the collection and from time to time will use silk to make special custom pieces.


Cashmere FabricC A S H M E R E

We just love Cashmere of one of the world's more luxurious fibers as it is just the softest! We use recycled Cashmere, or more Upcycled. Sarah actually started this business by Upcycling Cashmere sweaters that she got from second hand and vintage shops. She just fell in love with the sweaters but would often find them in thrift shops with holes or flaws so rescued them from ending up in a landfill and brought them back to the studio. Then she would cut them up and recreate them by sewing them into new modern pieces. We don't do too much of this now as it is incredibly labor intensive but we still try to do a few every year since we love it so much. Sarah loves Cashmere because not only is it sooooo soft but she is actually allergic to wool but not Cashmere. Cashmere or Kashmir comes from the Kashmir goats in the Kashmir region. It actually is the hair from only their chin and parts of their belly, once it is on other parts of the goat is a lesser quality or considered more wool like.