Collection: Pretty Project

Our special empowerment project to show that we are more than just PRETTY!!

PRETTY SMART, PRETTY STRONG, PRETTY BRAVE and the list can go on and on and on!!!

By wearing these pieces, we are taking back the word Pretty that is so often what we are reduced to. We are so much more than our looks. This project is meant to not only empower anyone wearing these shirts but also to anyone who reads them.

They also make great gifts to give as a way to let someone know how you think that they are so much more than just Pretty! They are a pick-me-up for anyone going through something difficult and a great reminder for anyone to know how special and valued they are!

We also have partial proceeds going back into the community to help build women up. We are partnering with the Winnipeg Alpha House, an amazing organization that helps women and their children leaving abusive relationships find safe housing.

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