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Mexican Artisan Cotton Scarf -Black

Mexican Artisan Cotton Scarf -Black

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My recent trip to Mexico was truly remarkable, and I returned with some amazing souvenirs. My primary purpose for being in Oaxaca was to find the unique handmade crafts that it's well-known for, and everything exceeded expectations.

If you followed my travel journey on Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen some of the artistry I encountered. Now is your chance to gain access to the amazing textiles I found while abroad. By owning one of my treasured finds, you too can join me in reliving the journey I had!

This unique piece, as well as some other treasures, are available now on our website and in person in our Studio.


This is one of the gorgeous Mexican handmade cotton scarves that I have brought back with me. It is a timeless fashion statement and a perfect way to add a unique and stylish touch to any outfit.

These scarves are called Rebozo, which is a combination of a scarf and shawl. Rebozo cotton scarves are a traditional Mexican garment that have been handmade for centuries. Mexican artisans have been weaving these traditional scarves with love and care, using the finest cotton yarns.

Not only do these scarves look beautiful, but they also provide a bit of warmth and comfort during winter months or can be the perfect accessory to dress up your summer wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or something unique for yourself, Mexican handmade rebozo cotton scarves are sure to make a lasting impression. With their unique designs and handmade quality, these Mexican-made scarves will be treasured for years to come.

This one is in the rich solid black but with the most gorgeous woven eyelet pattern and stunning trim fringe detail called rapacejos.

For other pieces in the Mexican Treasures Collection, click here.


High Quality, lightweight 100% Cotton. Hand-woven fabric.


67" Long not including fringe, and with fringe 79" total Length

23" Wide


Handmade in Oaxaca Mexico by local artisans.

*The last 3 photos are from the market in Oaxaca where I bought the scarves from. It is like a farmers market where a collective of local artists get together to sell everything they make. The last picture is a selfie with me and the lovely woman Adalia who I bought the scarves/rebozos from.


Handmade in Oaxaca Mexico by local artisans.


Wash by hand in cold water with mild soap or detergent.

*The scarves especially need to be handwashed because of the delicate weave and the fringe. Scarves are worn over top other garments so do not need to be washed regularly. If stained you can also try just spot cleaning.

*A great sustianable trick to refresh clothing is to put it in a bag in your freezer, rather washing.

*If anything gets creased, steam is always best and using the trick to hang up in the washroom when you have a steamy shower always works, especially if traveling!

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