BADASS Cashmere

Cashmere is BADASS?

Ya that's right! Cashmere isn’t like other fibers.....

-Its soooo soft but yet it’s one tough cookie & up to 8 times stronger than wool

-Versatility is its middle keeps you warm when you’re cold but it’s so breathable it’s easy to wear even in warmer weather

-Also it isn’t at all irritating like wool so it's amazing for anyone with sensitivities

-And our SSM Cashmere is soooo BADASS because it’s upcycled from old sweaters to make new great pieces!!!


It is an amazing coveted fiber best known for its luxurious fine texture. Cashmere has soft, yet strong fibers that provide natural light-weight warmth without bulk. It can feel 8 times warmer than traditional wool but it also is extremely breathable and cooling in the warmer weather. Since these fibers are finer than the finest wool its amazingly soft properties are also ideal for anyone who is normally adverse or allergic to wool as cashmere does not irritate.
It originated in the Himalayan regions of Central and Southwest Asia, most specifically getting its name from the Kashmir region. Cashmere comes from the Cashmere goat and technically only comes from the Cashmere goats’ underbelly and chin. It can take up to 2 goats and a lengthy process to make 1 Cashmere sweater thus showing the scarcity and the higher price tag.
Cashmere is also known as Pashmina. Interesting fact; Pashmina literally translates to “Soft Gold” in the Kashmiri language. We like that translation and like to think that we are wearing a little bit of “Soft Gold” every time we put on our Cashmere.


Caring for Cashmere

It is a big misconception that Cashmere needs to be dry-cleaned. It can be dry-cleaned but most often it is better to hand wash it. Hand washing is first off better for the environment but it is also a nicer way to keep your Cashmere softer.

We recommend hand washing your Cashmere piece with a mild soap or shampoo in cool water (never hot). After rinsing, lay the sweater flat to dry. NEVER wring, twist or rub the Cashmere and DO NOT hang to dry as it will stretch out and leave hanger marks.

Treat any stains as soon as you can. To prevent stains, be mindful of the lotions, deodorants or other products that you are wearing and make sure they dry before putting you item on as that can lead to adding oil to the garment and increase stains. Blot stains but DO NOT rub stains. For any difficult stains that you are unsure of it might be best to take it to a professional dry-cleaner.

To store your Cashmere, make sure it is first cleaned or else it can attract moths which will result in holes in the garment. Always store your Cashmere folded and not hung up as to prevent stretching. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight such as in a garment box or drawer. To further prevent moths you can store with cedar clothing savers.

If there is any pilling (most Cashmere will pill some) you can remove it with a sweater brush or hand held Depiller that you can find online or in the household section of stores.

If taken care of properly Cashmere can last for many, many years!